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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
8:58 pm - EEE


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Saturday, October 8th, 2005
4:26 pm

So last night was stef's birthday party. I don't think I have ever been so drunk in my entire life. We went to god knows where at god knows what time, and i woke up next to liam and ellie in stefans room?!?! What a nighhhtt. He also has 2 ickle baby kittens so we sat and let them crawl all over us as we soothed the hangoverss watching tv and eating bread. haha.

my <33 is getting the train down again in like 2 weeks to come stay for half term! I seriously cannot wait.

Its jimmy carr next weekend woop woop!

i got all excellents in my progress report!


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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
7:10 pm

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Sunday, September 25th, 2005
6:32 pm

So today was a silly Emma & Leila day!!

silly silly....its all silly!Collapse )

So yeah that was wild with a capital W! Afterwards we went to subway and ate our chicken subs, with sweet onion sauce dripping everywhere. We must have looked like such beasts. Then we smeared chocolate cookie all over our teeth and took the most icky photos everr. But I'm not going to post them here. Its neither the time nor the place damnit!!

But the weirdest thing happened afterwards. We were sat in this park opposite the galleries when this crazy indian man came up to us and was like "hello girlsss" and sat and had a 20 minute conversation with us. It was mockable at first because we pretened to be gemima and gwyneth from manchester, orginating from italy and sweeden. But when he came out with "can I touch you? You fuck me, yes?" Well. That WAS NOT. So we left. He followed us for a while, but we datred into Wilkinsons and he lost us. Scary stuff!



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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
7:45 pm

Sooo went and saw The Starting Line with The Early November & Anberlin on sunday night. They were mazzziinng! I met them all afterwards too! I'll post the photographs this weekend. It was the bestt night.

On Friday I went out with morgan, stef, liam and leila, and got so silly-ly drunk. We went to Attix on park st which was rather fun, but I only remember it vauglly ha ha. On saturday me and seb took the brother to the cinema and saw Red Eye. It was really good, I was like *suspense* and I worked in the evening.

This week has been good so far. But I miss seb pretty badly *sigh* But only 2 days left till i can see him yyaayyy!

lovelove <3

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
6:42 pm

Ok so today was such a piss day. I loved et! Double theatre studies first thing [which, i must day is excellent because I have the bestest group of people in it, and we are all good at working in a team]. Then a free period, during which liam, stephan & I headed to sainsbury's for food. Stephan & I bought a box of 2 rasberry & almond tarts and split the price. omg yum, it was tasty! Then t'was double english, which I love even more than tarts. Well, almost.

But the afternoon was the funest. For my community service project I'm working at a nursery, so i spent my whole afternoon with the ickle 2 year olds. If I wasn't so set on going into journalism, I would sooo work with kids.

So yeah, the day was just fine and dandy.

But there is one thing getting to me, and that is Leila. I don't know what is going on with this. I know we are both just so busy with our new school life, new friends etc. And thats great, but she seems to just be forgetting who her old, true friends are. We are becoming strangers. She hasn't even bothered asking about my new school, which hurts because I called her to ask how her college was going, but there was no answer. I've texted her lots, barely anything back. She's so wrapped up in this new "badass college life" that she's living, its just....stoopid. And I hope I'm not becoming like that. I'm going to make sure I call Suzi & Vicky this weekend and arrange something, i miss them.

So yeah, all is just fantastic, apart from that one little thing. What to do??

lovelove <3

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Monday, September 12th, 2005
7:41 pm

Stephan & Morgan photo timeee

PhotosCollapse )

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
8:24 pm - First day at New School!


It was my first day at my new school today and I loved it! It was the most terrifying but exciting day of my life, and everyone was really welcoming and friendly, it was awesome!

I went to lunch with Katherine, and 4 really nice guys, Ben, Seth, Morgan and Liam. Ben is my crraazzyy little hippie friend with long hair, and he listens to pink flloyd non stop. Seth has jet black hair but I think he used to be ginger...ha...and liam is just liam, and morgan has blonde shaggy hair and is a size 6! Scary! They're awesome =)

I went to my community service lesson in the afternoon, and met this guy from chicago. His accent is soo slurred, I thought he was irish at first. Plus he has kinda ginger hair, so emma was confuzzled! Mock.

Then I went back to the JCR and it was so cool, because a girl who used to go to clifton and her drama friend Adam with a mohawk jumped on my back and were like "HI!" they're really lovely. Then I got the bus home with Ben and his new friend Tess.

So its been such a great day! I made cool new buddies and I'm really excited about doing it again tommorow! Eeeee! It seems to be everything I'd wanted it to be *touchwood* and I'm so grateful.

lovelove xx


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Thursday, August 25th, 2005
12:56 pm - RESULTS!

OMFG! I'm so happy!

  • Drama: A*
  • History: A*
  • English: A
  • English Literature: A
  • Science: BB
  • Information and Communication Technology: B
  • Food Technology: B
  • French: C
  • Mathematics: C

The only thing I'm ever so slightly bummed about is the Maths grade, I was hoping for a B. But overall I am OVER THE MOON!




I ran up the drive, grabbed the envelope, and as soon as I opened it leila cake jumped on my shoulders and we screamed together! She did really well, I'm so proud of her. Everyone looked happy and smiley, I hope they all got the grades they had hoped for.

It was so surreal, I just couldn't take it in at first. I mean, a B in science! WTF? Me, the girl who got a D in the mock just a few months ago. I OVERCAME MR WELTON! ohhh yes, big smiles for me. Ha ha ha you perverted little man who thought I could achieve nothing more than a D, ha to you! And food techonolgy was insane. She also thought I was shit, so HA I got a B and you were wrong! EEEEE it feels so good!

I'm so happy. All the fear and anxiety is gone, and the work paid off. I feel SO GOOD!


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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
10:42 pm


I am petrified.

I could really throw up right now. It's tommorow. I mean, TOMMOROW! As in 12 hours away. I can't really believe it. I guess I should be trying to sleep right now, but I'm too anxious. Part of me is just desperate to get it over with, and part of me wants to just bury my head in a pillow and pretend they aren't happening. Oh god.

I'm listening to the new Finch album, it's pretty damn good! I wish I had listened to it properly before I saw them last *slaps wrists*

Hell, why am I trying to distract myself? The finch album means fuck all to me right now compared to this huge pit in my stomach, and my buzzing head. This weak attempt at calming my nerves is failing

Oh god.

Oh god

Oh god

please let me have done ok! let everyone have done ok!

Song Of The Day = Finch//Ink

Person Of The Day = Rosie [she's helping me release all these exam result nerves on msn!]




current mood: anxious

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Monday, August 22nd, 2005
2:18 pm

oh my god

all I can think about is the fact that I have only 3 days left till the exam results. I can't get it out of my head, arh!

Last night me & seb watched Forest Gump. I cried. It is the best movie in the world. Tom Hanks = love!

This morning we had the hawtest fruit salad. I mean it. It was the best. Seb ate bacon, but I haattteee bacon so I just watched. Ha.

Now I'm gonna go shower. Seb looks SO HOT today. Its so funny because I'm sat here wearing baggy grey pj trousers and a realllyy un-flattering Less Than Jake tee, my hair is like WOAH CRAZY, and I'm with him. I look gross and he doesn't even mind. I didn't even look in the mirror till a few minutes ago, I feel so relaxed around him.

Love is sweet =D



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Sunday, August 21st, 2005
7:52 pm

Okkk sooo we spent a few nights at my dad's house which was really fun. We went to Thorpe Park for the day and went on all the crazy rides. They were immense. We also went to "Freaks 3D". You walk through this dark tunnel with 3D glasses on, and the walls like bounce out and these guys in CREEPY clown masks jump out and follow you. My little brother got so scared, he started crying and screaming "noo please! leave me alone please please!" i mocked him eternally. We also won big Tigger stuffed toys and seb won me SPONGE BOB! Oh yes, its true. Its sat in my room like "yeaahh imma sponge bob and you love me". Bah.

My mum is away so me and seb have the house to ourselves which is alllwayyss fun! I worked my bum off yesterday. She asked me to do an extra 4 HOURS, I was like "WTF" so I did an extra 2 to keep her happy. Its such a tiring job, but we had 2 weddings to pull off so everything looked really beautiful. I was in before most of the others so I had a few minutes to myself. "New York" was playing, and I was sprinking confetti over the tables, and I was like "haww weddings are cute" =D I'm debating whether to go to the staff party next week. I'm new so its kinda strange, but Emma said I should so...maybe :)

I also had a totally illegal driving lesson today. Hahahaha sneaky. I did roundabouts, reversed, a turn in the road, changed gears PROPERLY this time, not all slow and spaz like last time. Its so fun!

I also bought more 6th form clothes, I can't wait for my new place. Its gonna be so new and fun!!

Bad Religion next Monday! Hawt.

Tommorow we're picking mum up from the airport, I hope she's had a good trip.



NO MORE "oh results in a few weeks" ITS 4 DAYS: 96 HOURS



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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
7:17 pm

Ok so I'm sick of stupid junk emails like "Emma, Here's your complimentary Bible"

Who actually sends this stuff? Jeez!

Mmmmm I'm hungry, gonna go eat chicken enchilladas. I miss Seb =(

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Saturday, August 13th, 2005
3:35 pm

Soo what has been happening? *scratches head* well, we went and visited my dad and some of my family were there. My auntie, uncle and cousin had driven down from scotland so we all went out for a meal which was cool. But something really weird. Some people are incredibly sceptical about ghosts and the super natural etc etc but I strongly believe in it. So make what you will of this.

I went to the bathroom, and when I was washing my hands I glanced down at my feet [you know, as you do really] and no joke, I saw a pair of feet in baby blue, leather heels. They just walked past my feet and disappeared. And the strangest thing was, when I told the landlord, his daugher interupted and said " we've had other women saying things like that too...people have felt a hand grab their leg and stuff" and then she said "you mean by the sinks don't you?" and she was right. It creeped me out. A lot.

So we also went to the Ballon Fiesta which was fun fun fun =D

balloon time!Collapse )

I also went to the mall with muuuum and bought new clothes for 6th form! They're all from Gap which is weird because I never buy anything from that store, ever! But yay it was gooooood.

First shift tommorow at 10am bleuch! yucky time but I can't wait! I'm nervous though, eeek! =/ The work shirt I've been given looks wayyy too big, I'm gonna look silly =D

Results in 12 days o_o

love <3

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
10:44 pm

Ok so yeah, bad mood for Emma tonight.

But one good thing happened today, and that was my training day at work! It was good fun, and the people seem very friendly. And we got paid, even though we really just sat around and listened to a guy named Robin telling us. Easy money = yayness!

Tommorow I think I'm going shopping with ma' [ha, I love calling her that in a texas accent]. I also need to buy some suits for my 6th form. Talking of which, exam results come two weeks tommorow! omfg.

I have nothing else to say tonight, I'm not feeling too talkative.



current mood: annoyed

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Monday, August 8th, 2005
5:15 pm - employed emma!

I got the job =D yeeaahh! My training day is on wednesday evening, wahoo! I also discovered that its silver service, ah! Proper ass carrying loads of plates at once, laying the table in a really weird complicated way, serving and ahhh! How scary for me! But I'm so excited. I'm being hired along with two guys which is really good because I won't be the only newbie! I want wednesday to come now soo bad! And it takes me like 5 minutes to walk to work which is a real help. No bus fares for me yeeaahh. I'm so excited!

So last night I stayed at Vicky's which was funfun. She had a small family BBQ, yum. I met her cousin, aunties, uncles and her friend Lewis from work, he was a dude =) Then me and V crashed in her room and ate flapjacks!

Off to sebs later <33

I found out more angering stuff about The Father today, but I'm in too good a mood to write about it.

Byedeeebyes  x x x

Song of the Day// Anberlin-Never Take Friendship Personal

Person Of The Day// My new manager for hiring me!


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Friday, August 5th, 2005
2:40 pm

Ok. I am so mad right now.

My dad is a fricking wanker. Here's the story.

He just spent two weeks with his girlfriend in America. No problem, we all just sat quietly and let him flit off. Let me describe thegirlfriend. She is like a decade younger than him, with long blonde hair, shes irish, stuck up and arrogant. This is a typical eimear thing:

  • We're all sat in the kitchen 
  • *Dog walks in holding chew-toy*
  • Eimear: "For fuck sake John (my dad), you bought another one of those toys? Jesus christ"
  • Silence
  • Dad: *laughs* "oh well...you know...*smiles*

So yeah, you get the picture. Anyway, the flit off to america for 2 weeks. Irritating, because he didnt even ask my mum if it was ok that she took care of us all that time without a break. He just assumes she's available, and doesn't have his phone on the entrire duration of the trip. So something really bad could have happened here and he wouldn't know till a fortnight later. He's just that selfish. But anyay, we all bite our tongues and dont say a word.

He gets home, and promises to see my brother on thursday. He blows him off, and says he'll see him on Friday. And now today, suprise suprise, he cancels. Wanna know why? Well he "hasn't got any groceries in" W.T.F? And why doesn't he have any groceries in? Because he was in bed till 11am, oh, and he ignored my brothers 7 calls. What a guy.

He seems to think my mother just sits around on her arse all day doing nothing, and can just be available at the drop of a god damn hat. The man is the most selfish, self-obsessed person in the entire world. She's the woman who raised us, she does everything for us, runs around trying to do everthing. Married people have no idea how lucky they are, it makes me sick.


So yeah, thats my rant. Sorry guys. He just drives me insane sometimes.

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1:53 pm - Flowers are fun

So I found some fake flowers in my room. They were funnn

flowers and emma =DCollapse )


Today I had to get up really early to come home for this foot apointment. My feet were being mean =( then I showered and observed the development in ones humble abode. The bathroom is being tiled nicely and mums carpet is up. Its looking good. I have my job interview at Cadbury House on Monday, eeeeek! I hope I get it, I really really do. It would be such a hawt place to work, and so close to home. I expect the pay is quite good too because its a nice place. Here's hoping. Tonight I'm going back to sebby's, and we're off to The Cooler which should be fun. I'm wearing a brown dressy tee, three-quarter-length jeans, my pyramid belt and brown heels =) So yeah, today is good. I uploaded more CoCa onto my ipod, yay! I have lots now. I miss seb <33

current mood: artistic

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
3:21 pm

Okkkk so since Seb got back its been the best week everrr =D

On thursday he came to pick me up in the evening, and eee it was so great! We hugged outside at the door for aggess and my mum was like "come inside for goodness sake" =D I'm so happy he's home!

On Friday MY FAMILY AND I BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!! Its the hottest house ever. I love it. Its on 3 floors and me and my brothers room is on the top floor with our own en-suite bathrooms! We're moving in around Christmas time, I can't wait! Its gonna be the best thing, and I'll be 10 minutes away from Seb! <33333

On sunday we went to baby Paige's christening. She's the cutest ickle baby in the whole wide world. Me & seb bought her this cute ickle silver brush set as her christening present =D

Theeennn on Monday I went and got my nose pierced yeeaahhh.....

nose piercingCollapse )

It hurt like a bitch. The guy laid me down on the big leather chair thingy and clamped my nose. Then it was like WAPANG in-goes-the-needle. That was a fucker. I swore. A lot. He swore with me, lol. The scariest bit was when he walked away to get the stud and I was just led there with the needle stuck in my face, ew! Putting in the stud wasnt that bad. So yeah, it hurt but I love et!

That night went and saw Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Depp is the best. Madagascar is good too! I mock the indian lemar.

Then yesterday me and seb went to Ashton Court which was fun =D

Ashton Court...Collapse )

So yes, fun all round =D now I'm off to bake muffins with seb, mock our coolness!


current mood: bouncy

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
7:46 pm - =D =D =D

Best thing of the day  Townhouses! omfg <3

Worst thing of the day Rummaging through bin bags to find my window key, yeuch

Song of the day Buffalo Soldier (Bob Marley)

Excited because Seb is home tommorow, and omfg town houses are the best eee!

Sad because I miss Spain and leilacake =(


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